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SETi VGA Planets Team

SETi VGA Planets Team

VGA Planets is...
An 11 player Chess game on a more than 4 million squares grid battlefield map, 2000 x 2000 or even larger!
It is a basis for many modern, highly graphical space based games currently on the market.

The long description :
A graphical (using default or your own custom images) multi-player,
play by e-mail, interstellar based war game,  that simulates combat in space
between System Lord Empires.   This game emphasizes development of planetary
economies and development of new worlds that you will conrol by colonization or conquer.
You develop these with 4 primary resources, build bases and starships,strategically manage their

use with your races special talents and native life forms discovered on new worlds. Negotiations with the
other System Lords will determine what kind of Empire you will be able to produce, defend your beloved people

and  of course,
Crush your Enemies, see them driven before you,
and to hear the lamentation of the Women!

Vga Planets is a strategic and tactical game of warfare.
To have any chance of winning this Galactic stuggle, you must build an
economy capable of servicing your Empires people and in a manor that befits their special abilities.
Use your planets and star fleets to develope strong economic bases with which you will have a greater potential
to Crush your Enemies, see them driven before you,
and to hear the lamentation of the Women!

At the beginning, for a standard scenario, you are one of several remaining
System Lords with a homeworld, a battered but repaired 'low tech' starbase
that will produce your faster than light star fleet and two low tech star ships
that survived a cataclysmic Ion Storm which nearly wiped out all life
in the Echo Cluster, THE most important section of the galaxy you inhabit.

To fund your Empire throughout the cosmos, you can tax your population for the
'war effort' and/or build factories which you sell stuff for the megacredits needed to build
your fleets, but over taxing will eventually result in anything from unhappiness to civil war,
or possibly even loose the world so being abused to another System Lord in a revolution!

VGA Planets is designed for two to eleven players, System Lords, but can be
done solo using several different computer played opponents (who can cheat).

Each round is a turn based progression, the actions of each player are sent in,
e-mailed to the host of the game who processes all player actions and sends back
the results of those interactions which will incluce; empire population changes,

ship movements, planetary commercial changes that affect your available supplies
mineral resources and funding to build even more, and of course ship to ship combat
which includes the viewing of individual encounters battle where you will

Crush your Enemies, see them driven before you,
and to hear the lamentation of the Women!

WINPLAN is the final version of the VGA Planets Player Client software.
WINPLAN can be played on 16 bit Windows based pc's, (XP)
 AND even on the latest 64bit versions but with the needed updates
that allow 16 bit programs to run on it.  The steps on how to are here.

Standard and custom scenarios will initially take minutes to an hour or more to plot a
single game turns movements, and potentially over a year to complete a single game!

An EPIC Star Saga worthy of the Clathran Warlord Anthony Greenberg himself!

So if you like to play Falken's Maze, Black Jack, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Bridge,
Checkers, Chess, Poker, Figher Combat, Guerrilla Engagement, Desert Warfare,
Air-to Ground Actions, Theaterwide Tactical Warfare,
Theaterwide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare,
and even Global Thermonuclear War,
then you will LOVE Vgap Planets!!
Get your game on and get your own registration key here, also above.
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Vga Planets Winplan Registration Keys.

VGA Planets (c) Tim Wisseman